Artisanal processing is the result of experience and values, but also constant research and innovation; the services offered by Ebanisteria Montecristo are expressed in just one word: Quality.

Design and Consulting

Ebanisteria Montecristo designs and manufactures furniture and furnishings according to one of the oldest arts of wood-working.
In our customized solutions we mix tradition and the quality of craftsmanship, technology of the most advanced materials and machinery, the extreme care to detail and consideration to customer expectations.

Transport and Assembly

Ebanisteria Montecristo provides its customers with a highly professional service with qualified personnel able to perform the work of transport and assembly of the purchased furnishings.
Efficiency and competence are also recognized in the installation and testing of everything we make.


Living in environments where wood is the dominant means respecting the planet with the ecological material par excellence.
Ideal for all architectural and furnishing elements, thanks to its easy processing and versatility, combined with its aesthetic properties and both physical and chemical resistance.
Coming from certified forests, it guarantees high standards of quality.

After-Sale Service

The after-sale service not only implies to solve quickly any problem, but it also means for us to take care and maintenance of your wooden furniture.
Our mounting professionals will follow you through time for any advice, suggestions and help to ensure a perfect functionality