In 1952 Mr. Pasquale Montecristo began to work as a wood-worker and cabinet-maker in a small workshop in Ruvo di Puglia, until he was forced to emigrate to Switzerland where he stayed up to 1975.

New Industrial Plant

2300 mq in the industrial area of Ruvo di Puglia

Years of sacrifices and hard work, but with improving of his skills and great developments in his experience.
In 1976 he started his own business located in the very heart of the town covering an area of about 50 sqm.

The design activity, the careful selection of raw materials, the passion for craftsmanship and the techniques of the old carpentry create a high quality in the manufacture of custom furniture and accessories over the years.

With the subsequent works and the incorporation of two children in the company, Vincenzo in 1990 and Davide in 1993, the small company of the beginnings was converted into a big industrial plant of 1000 sqm, respectively 330 sqm indoor and 670 sqm outdoor; in 2011 the company moved again in an even bigger plant of 1650 sqm, including production area, warehouse, offices and showrooms.wrooms.

Ebanisteria Montecristo

is daily aiming to the creation of refined and niche products.

The high production demand, both in Italy and abroad, which follows the style and the needs of customers, has meant that from the point of view of design, construction and craftsmanship, the company Ebanisteria Montecristo is a synonym for quality and professionalism in the field of wood-working.

Our specialties

Industrial production and craftsmanship.

Inlay techniques and accurate decorations achieved by putting together pieces of wood or other materials, thus creating wonderful works rich in expression.

Furniture decorations and inlay as well as prestigious craft activities for those who want to make their furnishings unique, giving them an undoubted added value.

Faster time of production and delivery become possible thanks to our modern equipment operated by an efficient and qualified staff of employees.

Design and restoration of wooden objects of any type, of any wood, even in the antique industry.

Customized modern furnishings of any kind and style, all with hardware and technological and high-quality materials.